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CRM consulting with business analysis

Detailed planning and good CRM consulting are the basis of every high-performance CRM system. In our CRM consulting, we work with the business analysis method. The aim here is to understand and comprehensively analyze your business processes. This makes them easier to digitize in CRM. At the same time, innovative approaches for optimizing and increasing customer satisfaction emerge during the business analysis.


CRM Consulting Step 1

Analyze and map processes and interactions

Which people within the company are relevant? Who interacts with customers, when and for what purpose? And which IT systems need to be integrated? In our CRM consulting, we analyze all relevant processes and interactions within your company in several workshops.

We want to know exactly what your customer-facing processes look like. This is because all workflows and interactions must be presented transparently. The user roles of all stakeholders are already worked out in this first step. And together we understand what your future CRM system must be able to do.


CRM Consulting Step 2

Align customer lifecycle and journey with business processes

After the internal perspective comes the external perspective: In our CRM consulting, we analyze the entire customer lifecycle. We identify touchpoints and interactions along your customer journey. We then compare the results with the internal company processes. In the end, both perspectives mesh harmoniously.

This is possible because with us you not only have data and IT know-how, but also customer experience experts in front of you. This means that the valuable customer view can be integrated even more strongly into your business processes and create added value.


CRM Consulting Step 3

Identify digitization & optimization potential

For us, CRM consulting always means discovering new opportunities for digitization in your company or improving business processes. These can be internal or customer-related processes. The maku business analysis makes it possible to derive concrete adaptation proposals for even better and faster processes.

For example, bottlenecks, inefficiencies and recurring problems can be identified and innovative solutions can be developed. Here, we draw on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and data analytics to maximize opportunities and added value for your company.

Your advantages of our CRM consulting

CRM consulting with maku business analysis has many advantages for you:

  • You receive a clear presentation and profound analysis of all processes relevant for sales, customer relations and marketing.
  • Our comprehensive view is the direct basis for defining the requirements for your future CRM.
  • They discover potential for improvement and can derive measures directly, be it simplifications, more efficient processes or greater inclusion of the customer's point of view.
  • You receive the complete analytical groundwork for your CRM. In black and white. And you are still free to choose who you commission with the implementation.

You want to know what our CRM consulting can do?

In a personal meeting, we will show you how well-founded and concrete the results of our CRM consulting are.

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