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Digitize marketing and sales with CRM

You've come to the right place if you've reached your limits in customer management and can't get on with Excel. We digitize your marketing and sales processes. And with modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we make sure that both are pulling in the same direction.

What would it be like to know your own customers better? To automatically respond to them in a more individualized way? And turn them into more loyal and valuable customers?

When you hear CRM , you probably think of digitized processes, data and queries. All true. But what sounds so matter-of-fact will make your work easier and open up opportunities for you. You will become better, more creative and more successful. As a person and as a company.

CRM is the digitalization of marketing and sales. And the place where the two meet and work hand in hand. CRM is not just about collecting data. Above all, it means using it, learning from it, and shaping customer relationships more actively.

CRM is when it becomes easier for you and unique for your customers.
How exactly? That's where we come in.


Analysis of processes and interactions. Result: Transparent processes and clear implementation plans.

CRM implementation

Planning and implementation of your CRM. Result: Automated processes, living system, empowered employees.

Continuous development

Transformation and sparring partner for your CRM. Result: Data analyses and recommendations for action.

Your digital future

We empower you with modern customer relationship management in a short time. Let's start your digital future together now. And this is what it looks like:


Communication and transactions are automatically imported or recorded.


They analyze reactions, feedbacks, closings and customer behavior.


Now actions can be derived, processes can be adjusted and better campaigns can be created.

Digitization of sales & marketing

How CRM digitizes your sales

CRM makes the entire sales process visible to everyone in one place. Emails, calls, orders, offers - all interactions are digitally available. Behavior becomes measurable and actions such as reminders can be automated. In this way, prospective buyers and customers can be systematically developed and customer relationships can be made more sustainable.

How CRM digitizes your marketing

The systematic collection of contact and transaction information enables data-driven marketing. Customers and prospects are segmented more precisely, and campaigns are more targeted and personalized. Reactions such as clicks, mail opens or web visits automatically flow back into the system. This enables further actions to be triggered.

How CRM reconciles sales and marketing

CRM brings the two areas together in one place. The buying process is systematically supported by data-driven marketing. Marketing is a preparer for sales, but also a constant companion in existing customer care.

One platform for everything

There are many good reasons for Microsoft 365 Dynamics. It is the most flexible CRM system we know. It can be adapted to your processes and needs. And it can be excellently integrated into the (usually) existing Microsoft environments. As a Microsoft partner, we can ensure end-to-end processes and integrated 360° marketing in your company. And digitize marketing and sales successfully in the long term.

What you need, we make possible. By adapting digital solutions to your processes and not the other way around.

Take a look into the future without obligation

We are interested in your company! We think ourselves into your situation and take the time to answer your questions. We show you in concrete terms what your digital marketing and sales future could look like. And then? We proceed very systematically and with concentrated expertise in the direction of sales & marketing automation.

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