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Microsoft Power Platform: One place for everything

The Microsoft Power Platform is where Dynamics 365 runs and lives. It's where your new "dataverse" eliminates duplication, simplifies processes, automates repetitive tasks, and ultimately transforms all enterprise data into meaningful analytics. The Power Platform includes Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI.

Simply capture data

Power Apps

The Power Apps application enables the creation of internal user-friendly apps. This requires virtually no programming skills and development costs thanks to "low code". The created apps help your employees to feed data into the CRM or to digitize concrete processes. You don't need any special knowledge to do this.

Power Apps adds value anywhere users need to be easily guided through a process. And it ensures that all new data ends up in the right place: in the Microsoft Dataverse, on a specific server, in an Excel file, an email inbox, or wherever you want.

How to use Power Apps

Let's take your presence at a trade show as an example: Power Apps can provide a user-friendly app on the tablet for your employees on site. They can use it to capture data from prospects in a flash, for example by taking a picture of their business card. The contact goes into the CRM as a new lead, and a Merci mail with the previously defined materials is sent automatically.

Automate recurring tasks

Power Automate

With Power Automate, you automate repetitive manual tasks. Manual data entry and other repetitive tasks become obsolete.

How to use Power Automate

Imagine you receive a message through your website's contact form. Power Automate can ensure that the data it contains is read and a new lead is created in CRM. You will then receive an email notification. Or even a new to do in the task assistant Trello. In short: What you need to work efficiently is automated. From simple tasks to highly complex use cases.

Visualize & analyze data

Power BI

Power Business Intelligence (BI) brings together data from all areas of the company. Quickly and intuitively, the application enables their visualization. This way, your entire company is clearly mapped in the dashboard and you can analyze it from any angle.

How it works? Power BI imports all data from local sources or the cloud , cleanses it, enriches it and transforms it. Dynamics CRM and Power BI are of course fully integrated.

How to use Power BI

With Power BI, you calculate key figures such as customer value, for example. Or you evaluate your leads: Which convert well and which less well? With explorative analyses, you can find the cause and improve conversions through targeted measures.

In short: Power BI supports you in analyses at any flight altitude. It is a cockpit for management, department heads and business development.

What do you achieve with Microsoft's Power Platform?

  • You centralize all your data management
  • All important data are available in real time
  • You save countless hours of work through workflow automations
  • You recognize trends at an early stage and make data-driven and thus better decisions
  • You can better leverage your expertise and improve collaboration between teams
  • You can clearly see where your company stands and where it needs to improve.

Do you want to drive your business forward?

In a personal conversation, we will show you how the Microsoft Power Platform can support you.

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