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CRM implementation

Implementing your CRM is a complex and exciting process. We work with a proven methodology to plan it safely, manage it effectively and adapt it at any time according to your needs. Until you and your employees are qualified to work with the new CRM.


CRM Implementation Phase 1

Conception of your CRM

In the design phase, we define objects, formats and data types. And we determine the relationships between the individual elements. Now we decide how the system should look in the frontend for you as a user. Of course, we regularly enter into an exchange with you. We show you what we are doing. And you have the opportunity to get involved at any time.

Our license consulting also takes place in this phase of CRM implementation. Here we make honest and realistic suggestions. Because not every employee needs the most expensive licenses. That's why we provide you with user-friendly licenses. And by the way, you can change them later at any time and of course expand them if you want.


CRM Implementation Phase 2

Technical implementation

The last part of the CRM implementation is the technical implementation. This is an exciting project phase. Because now the new system comes to life and gets the distinctive character that suits your company.

Fast added value

Here we proceed step by step. So that you can use the system promptly and your company has added value as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, we continue to expand it as planned. The various user groups are added gradually. In this way, you as a company are gently introduced to the new CRM. Resource bottlenecks and excessive demands? They don't exist with us.

Soft changeover

If an existing system is replaced by the new CRM, we build interfaces early on and integrate the existing data from day one. This enables a smooth changeover and more security for you.


CRM Implementation Phase 3

Training and Change

Every new system needs a change process. Our training courses are designed to be user-friendly. We organize the changeover in such a way that smooth transitions are created, risks are minimized and employees feel involved.

Above all, however, we are able to get those involved in the company excited about the new tool. And those who like working with a CRM can also work well with it.

Your advantages of our CRM implementation

Our approach to CRM implementation has many advantages for you:

  • You can work very quickly with the new CRM.
  • Implementation is safe for you thanks to smooth and gradual changeover.
  • Employees are taken along step by step.
  • The system remains flexible and can always be expanded later.

You want to know how CRM can be implemented in your company?

In a personal conversation, we would be happy to show you what CRM implementation could look like for you. What is important to you? What concerns do you have? We are happy to listen!

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