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How Kuoni is revolutionizing its feedback management

Could Alfred Kuoni have imagined in 1906 what artificial intelligence was and how it would lead to strategic improvements when evaluating customer feedback? Probably not. Nevertheless, travel provider Kuoni, which is part of DER Touristik Suisse, is leading the way today. Kuoni is one of the first companies in Switzerland to use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze customer feedback. It is a revolution in the complex feedback process and the start of major strategic improvements within the company. What is Kuoni's recipe for success?

Feedback management in the customer-centric company

Knowing the customer's perspective enables the design of better customer experiences, more strategic business decisions and ultimately more loyal customers. One company that looks at all its services from the customer's perspective is Kuoni. Whether it's flights, hotels, services or local excursions - what customers love should determine Kuoni's offering. In this way, the company makes travel dreams come true and gives generations of Swiss people perfect moments in the longed-for faraway places.

Kuoni Travel

Kuoni is the oldest tour operator in Switzerland. From its foundation in 1906 to the present day, Kuoni has stood for the best hotels and round trips, first-class service and a feel for a discerning clientele.

Kuoni's challenge in feedback management

For a long time, the feedback process in companies was based on the following principle: The more you wanted to find out from your customers, the more complex the questionnaire was. However, long questionnaires are known to reduce the willingness to give feedback. And they lead to time-consuming evaluation in the conventional way. What's more, customer feedback is very emotional. But how can longer descriptions of individual experiences be evaluated systematically and promptly?

These questions were also on Kuoni's mind. Marketing and Corporate Development were determined to achieve three things:


Increase response rate

Kuoni wanted to receive more feedback.

In-depth insights

Kuoni wanted to learn more from this feedback.

Integration into corporate strategy

The lessons learned should lead to more effective changes.

Step 1 Simplified feedback questionnaire

Kuoni opted for a very lean feedback process. Why? Because the willingness of customers to provide feedback increases as the complexity of the survey is reduced. In other words, the questionnaire should be as short and simple as possible. Therefore, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) was combined with a free text field.

The NPS is a proven tool for measuring customer satisfaction. Customers are asked how likely they are to recommend a company to others. All the customer has to do is tick the box and can then either send the feedback straight away or answer the question in a free comment field individually, stating the reasons for this rating. There is room here for everything that moves the mind: How was the advice and service experienced? Was the hotel clean? And was the distance to the beach as short as promised? What did you like? What disappointed?

Feedback is always emotional, and not just when it comes to wanderlust and escaping the daily grind. And the text field as a supplement to the Net Promoter Score makes it possible to capture these emotions. Some do this in keywords, others write down their experiences page by page. Reading this is moving and very valuable for a company.

How do you evaluate these sound bites in a structured way?

Step 2: Microsoft Customer Voice plus Review Analytics

First of all, systematic feedback needs the right tool. A few years ago, Kuoni opted for the CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365, which includes the survey solution Microsoft Customer Voice, which can be used to design and send feedback questionnaires as required. Customer Voice has now been expanded to include the future-proof artificial intelligence solution from a Mannheim-based start-up. This is able to evaluate qualitative data from comment fields.

How AI evaluates qualitative feedback
Using advanced text analysis, artificial intelligence processes the written feedback and extracts important insights from it. The technology can recognize moods, identify key topics and even understand the context in which the feedback was given.

AI is able to classify feedback automatically and independently suggests categories. This capability makes it possible to compare feedback from different touch points - customer hotlines, reception, hotel restaurant or email surveys. Patterns and trends are recognized across different channels. This creates a comprehensive picture of customer satisfaction.

One thing was important to Kuoni: the analysis of individual experience reports by AI should lead to a systematization and, of course, acceleration of the evaluation process. At the same time, the emotional quality of the feedback should not be lost. This is exactly what this solution has achieved.

"AI enables us to systematically incorporate qualitative customer feedback into our business decisions in real time."

Thomas WalderHead of Corporate Development

Benefits of AI in feedback management

Whether it's a beach vacation, round trip, wellness trip or winter wonderland - Kuoni now knows even better how customers experience their dream trip. The new customer feedback management system with AI now allows travel professionals to obtain a complete picture of their customers. It has become much easier to identify areas where action is needed. Is service or product quality changing somewhere in the customer journey? Then this is quickly recognized. Possible strategic areas for action can also be identified at an early stage.

The benefits of the AI solution in feedback management are overwhelming, both operationally and at a strategic level:

More feedback

A simple and quick feedback setting encourages customers to express themselves.

Time saving

AI-supported analysis means fast and precise evaluations without manual effort.

More knowledge

In addition to quantitative data, this solution also provides sound bites that provide a deeper understanding.

Better strategies

You quickly recognize challenges and market trends and can act instead of just reacting.

Customer-centered product development

New offers can be tailored more specifically to the needs of customers.

Stronger customer loyalty

Better business decisions through more insights increase customer loyalty and retention.

"Strategic customer feedback ensures that we are always aware of the issues we need to work on. We were able to improve our Net Promoter Score again in a short space of time."

André PlögerMember of the Board - CMO

Customer feedback in the CRM environment

Incidentally, the customer feedback collected is automatically fed back into the CRM. The sales team now receives corresponding tasks, such as thanking the so-called promoters or promptly reassuring the detractors. This closes the CRM loop. Such feedback management with AI can be implemented immediately together with Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, it is also possible to start with a stand-alone solution or - as in the case of Kuoni - to retrofit it.

Conclusion: Listen better, perform better

Customer feedback management with AI has enabled industry leader Kuoni to listen to its own customers even more closely, understand them better and respond to their needs more effectively. By using such an AI-supported process, all types of organizations can work more efficiently, make more informed decisions, develop more suitable products and services and ultimately strengthen their customer relationships.

The solution described is a decisive step towards a customer-centric, data-driven business model. The tourism pioneer Kuoni also embarked on this journey earlier than others. With sensational results!

Would you like to know, like Kuoni, what moves your customers?

We will show you what modern customer feedback management with Microsoft Power Automate and AI could look like for you. What is important to you? What concerns do you have? We are happy to listen!


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